Buy This Crazy Custom C6 Chevy Corvette, Become The Next Batman

It's called Slash, and it's built by the same guy who created Joker's car for Suicide Squad.
By Christopher Smith 9h ago
Industry Toyota Suspending Production In North America, But Only For Two Days
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Breaking Detroit Automakers Halting North American Production Amid Coronavirus
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01:25 Supercars 2020 Corvette Z51 Dyno'd At Hennessey Makes 466 HP To The Wheels
By Christopher Smith 13h ago
Official Maserati MC20 Reveal, Brand Relaunch Event Delayed Until September
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Official Hyundai Elantra N Line Sedan Confirmed For Next-Gen Model
By Christopher Smith Mar 18, 2020
06:40 Humor Will This Murdered-Out Lada Run On Five Different Types Of Fuel?
By Christopher Smith Mar 17, 2020
Rumors New Mercedes SL Model Names Allegedly Leaked, SL 73e Planned
By Christopher Smith Mar 17, 2020
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